A New Semestah!

Well, we meet again. I hope everyone had a relaxing final few weeks of summer and that we are all embracing the new semester as best we can. And with the start of a new semester, I think we can expect our little student group to really take flight. (Yay!) I have a few announcements to announce but first want to acknowledge a lovely event that I attended over the weekend. Mary Johnson was so kind to invite me and two other members of Slow Food CU to the third annual BLT Dinner at Cure Organic Farm, a Slow Food Boulder event hosted by Mary herself. From the locally sourced BLT sandwiches to the sense of gleeful conviviality even under Sunday afternoon’s incessant rain, the event was delightfully hand-crafted and a perfect display of Slow Food principles. See for yourself:

Getting back to business: you may want to take note of the following items:

1) Wednesday, September 10th from 11am-2pm, we will have a table at the UMC for the Student Organization Fair. We will be informing passersby (students) about Slow Food CU and handing out excellent things like coupons to various establishments around town. Any help will be appreciated; please notify Lauren if you will be available for some or all of that 3-hour period and would like to show your face at our snazzy table.

2) Very soon after our table extravaganza, we will be hosting a meeting on campus, most likely in the UMC (details to follow…check the Events tab). Also notify Lauren if you would like to be involved in the planning of this meeting or the brainstorming of ideas. We will be busy bees and would love to have some more ideas in the mix.



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