Slow Food Zombie Descends Upon CU

Well well well, look who decided to show up?  That’s right, Slow Food CU is back from the dead and boy have we got some stories for you.  Ever wonder what it feels like to dematerialize, only to put it all back together again?  Let’s just say it’ll work you up a mean appetite.  We’re hungrier than a caterpillar (don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Eric Carle!) and ready to feast on your brains life!

We’re looking forward to bringing some great events – and great food – to the table before this semester’s out.  We’re planning a spice event with Savory Spice, a bake sale for Earth Week, and hopefully some good times playing in dirt and working with la madre so that we can relish in some delicious and wholely nourishing REAL foods next harvest! 

Keep checking the events sections or sign up to recieve our e-mail notices, but don’t forget that we need seeds and proper nourishment to grow – and Slow Food CU is no exception.  If you have any suggestions or requests, want to host an event, or if you or someone you know could and would love to make something happen within the community, speak up! shout out!  make your self heard!  SFCU wants to have a symbiotic relationship with you.  You do have an influence on the world around you.  Let’s nourish each other and grow.


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