About Us

Slow Food CU is a campus chapter of the international Slow Food movement. Started in Italy in 1986 by gastronome Carlo Petrini, the movement began as a protest to the opening of a McDonald’s near the Spanish Steps in Rome. It’s easy to see Slow Food as an opposition – or simply an alternative – to fast food. As a whole, the movement aims to educate people about the sources of their food (who produces it? where is it produced? how is it produced?), link people with their local food supply, and support a slower, nourishing lifestyle through our relationship with food.

Slow Food CU is an educational group that seeks to spread awareness about an eating style that is an alternative to mass-produced food. Our goal is not to tell people what or how they should eat, but simply to offer another method. We believe that by simply practicing and enacting Slow Food principles for ourselves, we play a significant role in promoting them both locally and on a larger scale.

How do we do it? In addition to engaging in projects that make a difference in the community (see the “Community” tab more more information) we hold very fun events that revolve around food and cooking, such as locally sourced dinners, cooking sessions with local chefs, farm tours, and much more.

Any CU undergraduate, graduate student, or faculty member may join. Please email slowfoodcu@gmail.com to inquire about membership.

Buon Appetito!